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Taikai is a platform for companies or organisations to host open innovation challenges and hackathons. And it happens I think hackathons are awesome, because they gather huge amounts of knowledge and put it to good use, so this was a really cool project to be a part of.
There were many pages to be created, product and application, and not so much time. It was a huge undertaking and a gigantic team effort to meet the launch date. Definitely another highlight of my career.
The logo was one of the last things I crafted. They don't come easy for me, so I had a few months to think about it.
The color scheme used in the brand was kind of personal challenge for me, as I decided to step out of my comfort zone, the soothing whites and light gray tones, and make use of bright and daring colours. 
Some features were not ready in time for launch Everything that was non-vital, like those intricate walkthrough screens to create challenges or project submitting, was left out.

We have to settle for some blueprints of the screens... I didn't even have the time to splash some color on them 😔
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