UI Design / Photography
Many years ago, my “partner in crime” and I happened to find this cozy family-owned hotel, located in the heart of the Serra da Estrela, in the wonderful town of Manteigas (Portugal). We kept coming back, because the food they serve at the restaurante is amazing, and we became friends with the owners.
We started to entertain the ideia of redesigning the hotel website, because it was still built in flash, and had a totally dated design wise. Because I’ve never made accommodation websites and thought it was something I wanted to do, we kinda push the ideia through and went ahead on to design a more modern looking and responsive website.
It’s very simple, and it’s powered by Netlify CMS, allowing the owners to update the content whenever they want. I originally planned two more sections about the location, and what to do there, but that content it is yet to be written.
On one of the occasions, we got a private tour through the recent renovations, and someone joke that, now the photos on Booking.com need to be replaced, and I gladly volunteered for the job, free of charge. I was lacking experience in interior photography, it was a perfect opportunity. 
And more renovations have recently taken place, meaning there will be more interior interior photography in the foreseeable future.
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