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Grafly was one of the biggest journeys I had in my career. It only lasted two, but very intense years, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved. But, ultimately, it provided a great deal of experience.
I was the sole designer in the team, and my first assignment was to create a logo for the project.

Newsroom re-invented
Our mission was to build a ready-to-use platform to provide the media with a tool that would allow them to modernize their workflow. Público, one of the main portuguese newspapers, collaborated with us from the beginning. They were fundamental to launch Graf.ly's foundations and guide or develop to meet the expectations of professionals in the media industry.
We conducted several interviews with journalists and editors from various sections of the newspaper, as well as copywriters and media managers, which provided vital information about the newsroom dynamics, publishing and revision workflows, the challenges they face while performing their work, and what kind of features they value in a editing tool.
This translated into numerous wireframes and prototypes, and many iterations while the tests were being conducted.
Behold, the almighty editor!
We gave special focus to the article editor, so that it could provide a seamless experience, from draft to publication. It contained all the necessary tools to write and complement the articles. Form metadata, media and related content, and social media sharing options, to versioning. it also featured live publishing and printing software integration.
The team faced many challenges during the development, and had to make decisions that would not benefit our vision of the project. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that media outlets have each one very specific needs, and that it is almost impossible to build a one-fits-all platform. There must be always some level of content customisation, since that’s what sets them apart.  
The product page is no longer available online, so here's a screenshot :)
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